Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Project Life Detox

After a huge derailment I'm finally getting back on track with my Project Life Detox. I've started exercising, I got the diet through from my naturopath and things are looking up. The house is a total mess but I've decided to concentrate on myself first. Once I've got myself detoxed and sorted out then I can focus on getting the house detoxed. Small steps.

Health wise, it's really important that I get back on track because it appears that my Crohn's is active again. I've been complacently assuming that it's all okay when in fact it might not be. That just means that I need to be extra vigilant with my self care. I have an appointment with my gastro Dr next month so we'll see what he has to say.

I really like the recipe ideas that I got off the naturopath, she's given me recipes that I never would have considered making but they're super easy. One of my favourites is CADA. It's a breakfast of shredded coconut, almonds, dates and apple. I mix them all together in the blender and that's it. Super easy, very light and perfect for someone like me who hates breakfast. 

My exercise plan is going well. I can't say that I love it, but at the same time I don't hate it either. I'm going three times a week and planning to go four times a week when Tiger is home. 

We are also getting our finances sorted which I'm really excited about. Tiger and I are totally different financially, he's a spender and I'm a saver. This has caused us a lot of grief in the past but we are finally on the same page and working together towards the same goal. Yay!

Monday, 12 October 2015

My eye liner collection

A while ago I posted my eye liner destash. After my destash I had 30 eye liners. I've gotten rid of more since then, found a few that I had hidden away elsewhere and am slowly getting rid of the ones that I don't love.

I still have 25 (it was 27 but I threw two out after I took the photo) eye liners which I think is way too many so I'll be working on using them up. I don't have any duplicates but some of the colours are very similar, so I'm planning on pulling out all the similar colours, using them all for a few days each and then tossing the ones that aren't amazing. 

What do you all think is a reasonable amount of eye liners to have?
I'm thinking seven.
1 brown, 1 grey, 1 nude (for the inner water line), 1 navy, 1 green, 1 purple and 1 bright (probably turquoise).
At the moment I also have two burgundy liners which I'm not sure I'll wear. I'm going to test them out and make a final decision, but I suspect they'll be going. 

Is seven eye liners enough? Are there any colours that I'm missing?

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thoughts of the week

1. I've finished my second week of exercising and I'm feeling good. I did three workouts this week and wasn't half as sore as the first week. 

2. Tiger and I have been taking a good look at our finances and figuring out where we are heading. A move could be on the cards. I really, really don't want to move.

3. Having said that, if it means getting our finances sorted then it has to be done. 

4. Tiger is home tonight. I've managed to survive the school holidays solo and him doing a longer swing. Not sure my sanity is intact though.

5. Justin Biebers schlong is all over the internet. WTF is wrong with people that they think it's okay to photograph someone in private and then publish it for the world to see? It's a huge breach of privacy. The sites that published the photos are just as bad as the photographer who took it. IMO breaching someones privacy like that should be illegal.

6. Seriously what is it with boys and nudity? My boys would be naked all the time if I let them. From the Biebs photos I'm thinking it's a male thing. Surely wandering around the house naked isn't something that people do regularly?

7. Lately I've been struggling with the mundanity of life. Normally a positive person, I've been negative and unhappy. This post is exactly what I needed to read.

Friday, 9 October 2015

FFS Friday

For at least a year now I've been getting a pain in my stomach. FFS.

It comes and goes randomly for no identifiable reason. FFS.

I saw the Dr, had blood tests and an ultrasound but nothing showed up so she said she didn't know what it was and that was the end of it. FFS.

Monday it came back again, but worse than usual. FFS.

Since I have a new Dr now, I made an appointment and went to see him. He thinks it's my Crohn's. FFS.

I thought that if it was Crohn's I'd be sick, but he said that I'll only get sick if it's really bad. FFS.

I now have an appointment with my gastro Dr. FFS.

If it is my Crohn's I won't be very happy with the other Dr. It'll mean that my Crohn's has been active and causing issues for over a year and I've done nothing about it. FFS.

I am trying not to worry about it, but I am worrying. FFS.

Wednesday I put both the boys in the creche at the gym so that I could do a pump class. 

They'd been mucking around all morning so I was running late. FFS.

I signed them in, settled them, spoke to the staff and then left. 

I forgot to tell the staff where I was going. FFS.

When I got back I could hear Eljay crying. FFS.

The poor baby was inconsolable. FFS.

He was so upset he was sobbing. FFS.

It took me ten minutes to calm him down. FFS.

The creche staff had come looking for me but since I didn't tell them where I'd be, they couldn't find me. FFS.

Mother of the year. FFS. 

The boy's campaign to stop me watching The Bachelorette continues. FFS. 

Normally they go to bed and I don't hear from them until 11pm at the earliest. Except on Wednesday and Thursday nights. FFS.

Wednesday night Eljay woke up at 7.50pm and I didn't get him back to sleep until 8.25pm. FFS.

I only just saw the rose ceremony. FFS.

Seriously, what's with that? It's the only time I watch tv and they are determined to ruin it. FFS.

That's the end of my weekly whinge. If you have anything to complain about, please do so in the comments.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Treat Yo Self Thursday

Sometimes you just want to feel good. Whether you're having a bad day, feeling sick or you just want a pick me up, beauty products are a great way to cheer yourself up.

Today I'm sharing with you some of the products I reach for when I need to perk myself up. 

The Body Shop is one of my favourite stores, they have so many beautiful products. Their new Spa of the World range is beautiful, I love everything I've tried so far. The products aren't cheap but are worth the splurge. I've been using Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil almost daily, it smells so beautiful and can be used on my hair and as a body treatment.

If you're in the market for a fresh summer scent, you can't go past Italian Summer Fig. It's a gorgeous, fresh green scent that I can see myself wearing all summer.

Nudus is one of my all time favourite lipstick brands. They are all natural and just beautiful. At $42 each they aren't cheap, but are well worth the splurge. 

Lazy/time poor beauties will love the Shore Soap Co Moisturizer Sticks. I swipe some on, rub it in and I'm good to go. I have the green tea scent which smells beautiful and also works as a very light perfume on days when I don't want a strong fragrance. 

L'Occitane make some of my favourite hand creams. If I could only use one brand of hand cream for the rest of my life it'd be L'Occitane. This is the first time I've used their Rose hand cream and it's heavenly. It's deeply hydrating, absorbs quickly and smells amazing. 

Naturally there had to be a lip balm in this post. Most of the lip balms that I use cost under $15. Every now and again though, I want a treat and a little bit of luxury, so I'll splurge on an expensive lip gloss. Sara Happ The Lip Slip is a beautiful balm to buy when you want to treat yourself. It has a tiny bit of shimmer and is a dream to apply.

What products do you use to perk yourself up or when you want a treat?

Monday, 5 October 2015

Burt's Bees Lip Crayons

Sedona Sands, Nappa Vineyard, Carolina Coast

My obsession with chubby lip crayons knows no bounds. It's impossible for me to walk past a lip crayon without buying one or two. I love how convenient lip crayons are. They are small, easy to store and they're so much lighter than carrying around lipsticks.

The Burt's Bees lip crayons are some of my favourites because they are so long lasting. I was expecting them to be glossy but they aren't, they are matte, long lasting lipsticks with great pigmentation. I get at least six hours wear before I need to reapply.

I have three of the six shades available, Sedona Sands, Nappa Vineyard and Carolina Coast. Sedona Sands is a muted, cool nude pink. Nappa Vineyard is a gorgeous deep burgundy red and Carolina Coast is a mid tone cool pink. 

Unlike a lot of matte lipsticks, these aren't drying and don't make my lips feel parched when I'm wearing them, the colour sets but stays slightly glossy. At $16.95 you really can't go wrong with these!
Carolina Coast, Nappa Vineyard, Sedona Sands

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Thoughts of the week

1. We got a trampoline for the boys last month. I don't think it's possible to jump on a trampoline without smiling. It's so much fun!

2. This was the first week of school holidays here in WA. I love having my big boy home with me. 

3. As much as I love it, keeping both the kids amused is difficult, especially down here where there aren't many parks and playgrounds. 

4. I started exercising this week.

5. I am so very sore. I'd forgotten what it was like to be sore all over. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

FFS Friday - Send help

Well look at me, two posts in one day!

This week has been a doozy and it's all my fault. FFS.

Clever me decided to start night weaning Eljay this week. FFS.

It was also the week I started exercising again. FFS.

The first week of school holidays. FFS.

And Tiger is away for an extra five days this time. FFS.

Great timing Glossy. FFS.

It all started Saturday night. Eljay was up every hour wanting to feed. FFS.

That was the last straw. FFS.

I got up Sunday morning determined to wean him. FFS.

I was so tired and I had my gym appraisal that morning. FFS.

After the appraisal I consulted Dr Google, headed to the shops and got everything I needed to dry up my milk supply. FFS.

After speaking to Tiger and my sister and calming down a little, I made the decision to night wean. FFS.

I explained to Eljay that I was no longer going to feed him at night, that he could have a cuddle and some water but he wouldn't get a feed at night. Fat lot of good it did. FFS.

Sunday night he woke up three times and screamed for fifteen minutes each time. FFS.

Monday our day started at 3.30am. FFS.

Monday night he woke up four times and screamed for ten minutes each time. FFS.

Tuesday our day started at 4.30am. FFS.

Wednesday he woke up once and cried for about two minutes. FFS.

Thursday our day started at 5.50am.

Last night he was up three times, but didn't cry, I just had to resettle him. FFS.

Today our day started at 4.50am. FFS.

Poor Chai has been so tired, he wakes up as soon as I get out of bed so he's been waking up early and won't sleep during the day. FFS.

Thanks to his tiredness he's been in beast mode all week. FFS.

He's so bad that I've been seriously wondering where I've gone wrong as a parent. FFS.

He's a screaming, hitting, angry little monster. FFS.

I'm totally exhausted and struggling to make it through each day so my tolerance levels are at an all time low. FFS.

Added to that I am so, so sore from exercising, every move hurts. FFS. 

Even not moving hurts. FFS.

My hayfever cleared up whilst I was on steroids but it's now back and worse than ever. FFS.

It's still over a week until Tiger gets home, I'm seriously wondering how we'll survive until then. FFS.

Send help. 
And vodka.
And wine.
And coffee.
And chocolate.
And steroids. That should cover everything. 

#FullyFitspo Friday

I mentioned last week that I've started a fitness journey. Thanks to Hot FM and the South West Sport Centre I was lucky enough to win a three month gym membership. I'm going to use it to figure out what type of exercise I like and what works for me. 

By some miracle I have finished week one of my 12 week Fully Fitspo journey. Last Sunday I had an appointment with Kelly and she made a program for me that I love. Other than the warm up there are no traditional gym machines!

My goals are:
Be able to throw Chai around easily (he's 21 kg's).
Have a fitness program that I enjoy and can do long term.
Feel healthy and fit.
Have more energy.

You'll note there are no weight related goals. The way I see it is this. Weight is irrelevant. If I'm exercising regularly, eating clean and feeling good, then my weight will sort itself out. 

My starting point isn't wonderful and it isn't terrible. I'm 69.3kg's with 24% body fat. I didn't get all my measurements, I'll get them and update my post when I have them.

Whilst I've done plenty of exercise in the past, I've done nothing since falling pregnant and having kids. I've never been a gym person, I've tried it in the past and it hasn't worked for me, so I was a little apprehensive and assumed that I'd use my membership to do classes instead of the gym, however the workout Kelly wrote for me is great, it's fun and nothing like the old style gym programs that I've had before.  

Here's the obligatory before photo (complete with weird side eye).
I trained three times this week. I did two gym sessions and one Grit class. Talking to one of the trainers Matt yesterday, I realised my plan of going six days a week was slightly ambitious, so next week I'll go three to four times, depending on how I feel. At the moment I am really, really sore. So sore that when I'm walking my legs give way and if I have to squat down there's no way I'm getting back up again. Even the backs of my hands are sore. Seriously, WTF?

Diet wise I've gone back to eating properly. I cook up a pile of veggies every two to three days and use them as a base for meals. For lunches I add in tuna, beetroot, cheese etc to make a salad and for dinner I'll mix in some rice or pasta. It's easy and healthy. I've cut out the daily chocolate and iced coffee and am allowing myself one treat day a week. 

So far so good. I'll be back with another progress report in a week or two. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Top Three Tuesday - Coconut scented body lotions

Summer is coming. Hot days, warm nights and coconut scented suntan oil are the things that come to mind when I think of summer. Whilst I no longer use a coconut scented suntan oil (or any suntan oil for that matter), I always pull out a coconut scented body lotion. Today I'm showing you three of my favourites. They all have different uses and a different coconut scent, so you need them all in your life. 

Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion - Smells like fresh coconut. This is the richest, most hydration lotion of the three, probably due to the mixture of cocoa butter and coconut oil. I like to use this at night so that it absorbs overnight and I wake up with soft skin. It also makes a great overnight foot treatment. I apply it thickly, put socks over the top, then the next morning when my skin is soft use a foot file to get rid of all the built up skin.

Little Bird Organic Coconut Moisturising Butter - This is the newest one in my collection and the most versatile. It's a solid oil that melts on contact with the skin. No only is it a great moisturiser suitable for the body and face, it's also a wonderful hair treatment and make-up remover. It smells deliciously like toasted coconut.

Pure Tan Pure Moisture Coconut Body Creme - When I want something a bit lighter than the two moisturisers above I use my Coconut Body Creme. It smells of sweet coconut and absorbs quickly so I can get dressed within a few minutes. On days when my skin is really dry this wouldn't be rich enough, but for every day it's perfect. 

What's your favourite coconut scented product?