Sunday, 28 August 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. We've discovered what's possibly the best coffee ever, Dimattina. If you haven't tried it, you need to!

2. Last week a friend came over with his two daughters, it was lovely. They were so helpful and I really enjoyed having female company. We cooked together then sat around chatting. It made me realise how much I miss female company. I see my female friends regularly but my life is very male dominated as most of my friends and family have boys. It'd be nice if we could add some more girls to the family.  

3. Shelby is 13 weeks old now and the love of my life. I feel like we've finally got the right dog for us, she's the perfect addition to our family.

4. How good is Afterpay? Such a brilliant idea, slightly dangerous too.

5. After three years we finally put up curtains in our living area. It looks so much better and hopefully it'll mean we're a little bit warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Friday, 26 August 2016

FFS Friday - Silly things

My asthma has been really bad the last few weeks. FFS.

So bad that I'm struggling to do basic things. FFS.

Thankfully Tiger has been home. Not FFS.

I've been struggling with really silly, everyday things. FFS.

Last Wednesday I couldn't manage to put the umbrella up or down. FFS.

I kid you not. Tiger had to do it for me because I couldn't work it out. FFS.

Thursday I couldn't find Tigers yoghurt at the supermarket. FFS.

I walked up and down the yoghurt section for fifteen minutes and it wasn't there. FFS.

Tiger found it within a minute. FFS.

I've been taking my preventer and reliever but it's just not working. FFS.

I can't go any stronger on the preventer, I'm on the highest dose ones that are available. FFS.

I'm taking my reliever every few hours and yet I still can't breathe. FFS.

It's not a nice feeling. FFS.

Unsurprisingly I waited ages to go to the Dr. FFS.

I don't really see the point. FFS.

The options aren't ones that he or I are happy with. FFS.

He can put me on a pill that might work and is really expensive. FFS.

He can change my preventer to see if I react better to a different type of steroid or I can just ride it out. FFS.
It wasn't until I remember that the other option was a dose of steroids that I went to see him. 

Steroids are wonderful, especially when Tiger is away. Not FFS.

They give me so much energy, it's like I'm superwoman. Not FFS. 

I went to see him the day that Tiger went back to work and got myself a dose of steroids. Yay!

The FIL is in hospital again. FFS.

It's times like this that I wish we still lived in the city so that MIL could stay with us and we could go visit him every few days. FFS.

Fingers crossed he gets better and is home again soon. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Foundation Files - Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

First up in the Foundation Files is my Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. I haven't been using tinted moisturisers for a while now because they just don't give me the coverage that I want, but Nars tinted moisturiser is the exception. It gives the same coverage as a light foundation, enough to even out my skin tone. It doesn't cover my dark patches, but a layer of powder or concealer sorts them out. 

I use my Nars tinted moisturiser on days when I'm in a hurry (that's pretty much every day). I've tried applying it with a brush or sponge but applying it with my fingers works best. I warm it up between my fingers then rub it all over and I'm done.

Naked face
Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser
There are twelve shades available, I use Finland which is the lightest shade so I'm not sure how it'd go for people with super pale skin. I'm usually the second or third lightest shade, so I suspect those of you with skin lighter than NC20 wouldn't find a match. 

At $65 it isn't cheap, but in my opinion it's well worth the price.

Monday, 22 August 2016

I chopped my Beauty Blender in half

I've seen heaps of photos where people have chopped their Beauty Blender in half and found all sorts of gross things inside (even bugs, gross!) My Beauty Blender is six years old and very well used. It's all discoloured now and I barely use it any more, so I decided to cut it in half and see what was inside. I was expecting it to be really horrible so was pleasantly surprised to see that it was clean. 

Here's the thing. I never hand washed my Beauty Blender. I'd use it all week and at the end of the week I'd throw it in the washing machine. I put it in a lingerie bag and washed it on the warm or hot cycle with my towels. That's it. 

I think that's the secret to it's longevity, not hand washing means it wasn't roughed up so it lasted for ages. I could have kept on using it, there was nothing wrong with it, I just assumed it'd be gross after so long. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. I never thought I'd say this. The weather is starting to warm up and I'm so pleased. This winter has been the coldest winter in over 20 years and our house has been bitterly cold. We have tile floors, no curtains and a small gas heater. With most days 11 to 13 degrees, it's been freezing. I love winter but this one has been way too cold. We've got curtains now so hopefully next winter won't be so cold.

2. I'm on a bit of an equal rights rant at the moment. What's with it being called "helping out" when men do housework? Seriously, wtf? When women do housework it's called housework but when men do it it's helping out? No, it's not helping out! I refuse to let Tiger say he's helping me out, he's not helping out, he's doing his share of the housework.

3. We got a new dishwasher this week. I hadn't realised how loud the old one was. The new one is brilliant, it's so quiet I don't even know when it's on and the dishes come out dry instead of wet.

4. We also got a wet and dry vacuum, how good are they? If you don't have one, you need one!

5. It's a bit sad how much I get excited by new household items.

Friday, 19 August 2016

FFS Friday - Ranty Pants

Hello Friday! How are we all? Had a good week? Our week has been pretty good. I have nothing remarkable to report. Nothing to complain about? How is that possible? Clearly I haven't been paying enough attention.

So. I've been noticing a lot lately the inconsistency between genders and it's really irritating me. What irritates me more though is how we as a society accept those inconsistencies. Whilst we accept them things won't change!

Here's an example. A woman works full time, does most of the housework, looks after her child/children and is criticised for not putting her family first. She's expected to be at all the school events, Dr's apts etc as well as working full time.
A man works full time, is praised for supporting his family, does very little housework and isn't expected to be at any events because he's at work.
Hypocritical much? How is that fair?

And what about the bad rap that stay at home Dads get? I went to Rhyme Time with a stay at home Dad. The other Mums wouldn't talk to him. I kid you not. He was a lovely man and a great parent. He faced the same issues that I did as a stay at home Mum, but he had the added weight of judgement from other people. He constantly got questions about why he didn't work and jokes about being inferior because his wife was the main income earner. He handled those questions gracefully. The truth was that his earning potential was equal to hers but they'd made the decision that they'd both grow their careers. He worked full time whilst his wife was pregnant and up until their child was one, then she returned to work and he took over the parenting duties. That way neither of their careers suffered. Clever. 

When you see a man at the park with his kids everyone smiles and comments about what a great Dad he is. You see a woman at the park with her kids, why don't people say she's a great Mum? She's doing the same thing the Dad is. 

I was talking to a friend the other day about kids with separation anxiety. He's of the opinion that it's usually the Mum's fault. Really? What about the Dad? Does he play any role? The sooner we realise that men are as much a role model for their children the better. Kids look to their Dads as much as they look to their Mums, maybe even a little bit more. 

Also, what about housework? When a woman does housework it's not even commented on. When a man "helps around the house" he's a hero. Helps around the house?! WTF? He's not helping around the house, he lives there too and makes as much mess (if not more) than the woman. He's pulling his weight and looking after the home that he lives in, not helping!

I growled at Tiger on Wednesday night. I was making tea and asked him to do part of it. He replied with "Sure babe, I'll give you a hand". To which I replied "No, you're not giving me a hand. I'm only making tea because you want it, the boys and I don't eat meat!"
Seriously, making tea together isn't helping out, it's making tea!

Because I have two boys I'm becoming more and more conscious of gender roles. I don't want to raise boys who don't do housework and can't look after themselves.

Things can change, but only if we make them.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New favourite lip balms - Pulling out the big guns

Recently I had an allergic reaction to a lip balm that I was using. My lips were red raw with sore patches and my usual healing balms weren't working. I usually turn to Carmex or Burt's Bees to heal dry lips, but my allergy sore lips couldn't handle the sting. 

I was stumped and had no idea what to use, so I turned to my small (haha, just kidding) collection of lip balms and pulled out a few to try. I tried and rejected about five then found three that worked wonders.

The three wonder balms are:
Dermal Therapy Lip Balm
La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres
Clinique Superbalm.

Dermal Therapy was the first one I used. It promises visible results in one day and it delivers. I used it constantly throughout the day and by the end of the day my lips were looking and feeling a lot better. After three days of use my lips were nearly back to normal.

At night I used the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres. It's a barrier repair balm which is exactly what my lips needed. I slathered on a thick layer each night and woke to soft, hydrated lips. 

Once I'd healed my lips I didn't want to use my usual flavoured balms so I pulled out my Clinique Superbalm. It's fragrance free, glossy and very hydrating, exactly what I needed.

Three weeks later I'm still in love with all these balms, they are the only balms I have on rotation at the moment. 

What's your go to healing lip balm?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Foundation Files - An Introduction

I'm on the hunt for my holy grail foundation, the perfect one that I love and will happily use for eternity, or at least the next year. I decided to document my hunt to possibly help anyone else who may be searching for The One.

I'm looking for medium to high coverage, long lasting, crease free coverage. I don't want to have to use a powder over the top, I just want to put on my foundation and go. I have dry skin but prefer a matte foundation as I find they are longer lasting and I can use moisturiser to provide the hydration that I need.

I don't like shimmer or glow, it makes my pores look huge and highlights my imperfections, but I do like a foundation that brightens my face

I've discovered that the method of application makes a huge difference in the finish achieved, so I'm also experimenting with brushes.

If you have any suggestions please let me know!


Monday, 15 August 2016

My first Nourished Life order

I've been following Nourished Life for a long time now but never placed an order. When I saw that they had free shipping this month and two products that I've wanted for ages were both in stock, I placed an order. 

Shipping was super fast, I received my package in three days, it usually takes at least week.

I ordered:
100% Pure Coffee Bean eye cream
LaVanila Sports Luxe deodorant
Elektra magnesium creams in Herbal, Zesty Citrus and Island Spice.
100% Pure Caramel Lip Caramel lip gloss

It's early days but so far I'm loving everything. 

What are your favourite products from Nourished Life?

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. Why does our society have such low expectations of fathers? We expect mothers to be perfect and criticise their every move, but if a father even changes a nappy we think it's the most amazing thing ever.

2. We also look down on men who are stay at home parents. As if they're lesser beings because they don't work outside of the home. How ridiculous. 

3. Alicia Keys has decided to stop wearing make-up. Good on her. It's crazy how we expect women to be perfectly made up at all time. Women are beautiful with and without make-up. It's sad that she felt inadequate without make-up on and great that she now accepts herself.

4. Turns out I really don't like not having a dog so we got a puppy. This time we made sure she was low allergy (something I never even considered before). I still feel really bad about Bella but am totally in love with Shelby. 

5. I placed my first order with Nourished Life this week. Shipping was super fast. They have free shipping all month if you join as a member (which is free). Get onto it peeps!